Fiscal Fast Day 2

I survived another day on my fiscal fast!  Today was much easier, but I did find myself parked outside of a store ready to go inside to “browse” when I remembered I’m not shopping.

Other than that close call, I was good all day!

I started working on my file cabinet and shredding all of the older documents.  Here is the before photo.

This is such a mess!

A big stack of papers that need to be filed!

I got the bottom drawer cleaned out.  There is a big stack of papers that need to be shredded.

This is what is shredded so far!

I made pretty good progress for the day.  I will work on it some more tomorrow if I have time.

I made the croutons that I was contemplating in yesterday’s post.  They were so easy and tasty too.  It really helped my salad!  Here is the recipe that I used.  I got the link from Gail’s blog.  It sent me to this site

I got another bath, and played Monopoly Junior with A.  She loves playing games.  Oh, I also got a 4 mile walk in first thing this morning.  It was a good day.

Playing Monopoly Junior

Here’s to a no-spend weekend!

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