Fiscal Fast Day 1 Recap

I made it through the first day!  It wasn’t easy.  I wanted to get a coffee at the YMCA while my daughter took her ballet class, but  I remembered in time.

Then I decided that I needed to get my bangs cut because they are really long and driving me crazy.  I’ll have to wait until next week on that.

I am almost out of butter and about to panic, but I remembered that we had some kind of fake butter in the  fridge that I will be using up.

I like balsamic vinaigrette dressing on my salad and I used the end of the bottle today.  I have some Raspberry vinaigrette that I bought to try and didn’t really like, but I will use it up.

I am also out of croutons.  I love croutons.  I will have to try to make some homemade croutons to see how I like them.

I wanted to try Gail’s iced coffee, but I searched high and low, but I didn’t have any sweetened condensed milk.  Bummer.  I did however find 4 cans of evaporated milk which I never use.  Here is her recipe.  I will have to try that next week too.

Frugal Iced Coffee

6 cups of strong brewed coffee 1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
Mix ingredients together and serve over ice.  You can also freeze leftover brewed coffee in ice cube trays so that your drink doesn’t get diluted by regular ice cubes.   Makes 1 pitcher full at around $2 per pitcher.

We mowed the grass tonight and I was thinking about how much gasoline we have in the can and we will have enough I think if we are careful.

In just one day, I have really been thinking about spending money without actually spending it.  I can see already how I just get this or that without any real thought.  This is going to be a challenging week.

On a positive note, I did take a long hot bath, and I did play Jenga with my daughter.  We had fun playing with the blocks anyway.

A built a fire and I built a 21 because we counted our blocks and I had 21 blocks

A built a "double triple-decker"

I built a house

I can see that this is going to be a tough week.  I buy little things here and there like they don’t really count, but I am realizing they do.  This is going to be harder than I thought.  Here’s to tomorrow.

One thought on “Fiscal Fast Day 1 Recap

  1. You did AWESOME…Isn’t it funny how many things you buy without thinking? Start writing everything down on a list with the amount of money you would spend and see what you have at the end of 7 days. I bet there will be some things you will no longer want to buy too!

    Keep going, you won’t be sorry! :)!

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