Spring Cleaning

All but one of my kids are off for Easter vacation this week.  We are busy spring cleaning.  My boys are getting plenty big enough to help with all of the cleaning.

I have the cleaning broken down into sections so that we can still get outside and enjoy part of our day.

Today we cleaned the upstairs.  We have a cape cod type house so the upstairs has 2 kid bedrooms.  We cleaned the bedrooms, cleaned the hallway, cleaned out the big closet up there, and the bathroom.  It was a pretty big job, but we got it all done.  We cleaned the windows, vacuumed, dusted, wiped the light switches, spot cleaned the carpet, washed the curtains, took extra books down to the basement, cleaned off dressers, and cleaned under the beds.

We ended up with 2 black trash bags of stuff to give to Goodwill.  The place looks so much better.  The kids have been up there admiring all of the space on their dressers, and are loving having it really clean.

We had a good day.  We got our cleaning done and then enjoyed the afternoon out in the wonderful spring weather!


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