Happy Birthday To My Newest Teenager

My son R, just turned 13.  Wow, how fast the years go.  He was born 5 weeks early.  My water broke out of the blue.  He was okay right after he was born and for about a week.  Then he started with some breathing problems when I was nursing.  He would gasp for breath.  He did this off and on for a week.

I was so scared during this time that I let him sleep with me because I was afraid to have him in the bassinett right next to the bed.

I took him to the Pediatrician twice in a week because of it, but of course he wouldn’t do it for them.  The frequency was getting more and more often.

When he was 17 days old,  after 10 times that night of this gasping for breath, I just didn’t know what to do.  I called the Pediatrician and the told me to get him to the hospital as soon as possible.

I left for the hospital right away.  In hindsight, I should have called 911.  Anyway, I flew as fast as I could down to the closest Children’s Hospital 30 miles away.  I had him in the front seat, because I wanted to keep my eye on him every second.  I had to reach inside his car seat and pound his back repeatedly to get him to take a breath.

I pulled up to the hospital.  I had never been there before.  By the grace of God, there was a parking spot right in front of the building.  I ran into the hospital and up to the desk, and told them that my baby was having trouble breathing.  They took one look at him and took him THROUGH the waiting room window and ran into a treatment room.  I was away from him for a few minutes to do the paperwork for insurance and quickly reunited with him.

In just a few minutes they had an IV in his head and they were using long clear tubes to suction his nose and throat.  I have never been so happy to be in a hospital in all of my life.  They took great care of him.  We had test after test done, all negative, thank God.  But with each test we passed, they tried another one to try to figure out the problem.  After all of the tests and 10 days in the hospital he was released with a diagnosis of sleep apnea.  It was probably from being delivered early.

He was on an apnea monitor for nine months.  He had many sleep studies and he had a central apnea which is when your brain forgets to tell you to breathe.  After nine months he was released from the Pulmonologist with a clean bill of health.  If he had been my first child, I think he would have died.  Being my third child, I knew his breathing was a problem that I had never seen in my first two children.

He is such a blessing.  I know he is on this earth for a purpose.  We are just waiting to see what God has planned!

Happy Birthday!

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