My Son Got His Tiger Cub Badge

My son S was recently awared his Tiger Cub badge.  He has really enjoyed being in Scouts this year.   With all of his older brothers doing Scouts, I was hoping he would like it as much as the other boys have liked it.  He has really enjoyed the meetings and the Go-See-Its.  We had the Blue and Gold Banquet, and it was great!  There was a nice meal with lasagna, garlic bread sticks, salad, brownies, and fruit punch.  They also had some great entertainment.  There was a guy with all kinds of snakes doing a show.  I didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment because I was on kitchen clean-up duty.  All I know is that my daughter had a corn snake around her neck.  All of the Scouts got a chance to hold on to the 15 ft   Tiger Reticulated Python if they wanted.  My kids said it was an awesome show!

A with the corn snake on her... she's not too sure this was a good idea!

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