Buy Used Whenever You Can

A few years ago we got a free go-cart because our neighbors were moving and didn’t want to take it with them.  The go-cart had no engine, but my husband bought an engine and put it on the go-cart.  The kids had fun with it for a short while, but the chain kept coming off.  We replaced and repaired the chain, but the go-cart had a rigid suspension and on bumpy land, it would throw the chain off.  After many, many times of putting the chain back on, it really wasn’t fun any more.  Each ride ended too soon with the chain off.  The enjoyment was short-lived.

Since the go-cart wasn’t much fun and I needed an engine for our roto tiller, I won out and we put it on the roto tiller.  It works well and the kids have been mad ever since.  They are always complaining about it to this day!

Fast forward to today.   We had a neighbor who put his go-cart up for sale.  $300 for his used go-cart.  My kids were super excited.  Since we had that free go-cart a couple of years ago, we knew what we were looking for with the suspension, the engine to start easily, and that the oil looked good.

We also found out why he was getting rid of it and the reasons were that he was getting too big (he’s 17) and that their grass is on the wet side and it tears up the grass.  We have plenty of acreage, so our kids don’t need to ride in the mowed part of the yard.  Also, since he had a helmet that he used when riding, he threw it in with the deal.

We bought it used and saved $1200 over the price of a new go-cart that the kids were always talking about buying.  We considered buying a new one  a couple of times, but couldn’t part with the money.

Buying used can save a bundle.  We would normally negotiate to get a lower price, but he was a nice young man, and he threw in the helmet, and he had a fair price on the go-cart, that we didn’t push the price.  The kids don’t care whether it is new or used, they are just glad to get to ride it!

This is linked to Frugal Tuesday Tip.

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