Use Kill A Watt To Measure Your Energy Costs

We have a kill a watt watt meter that we use to measure our electricity usage.  We have an older model that requires you to do some calculating.  The newer one that I linked to does all of the calculations for you.  All you have to do is enter your cost per kilowatt hour.

I was not surprised that our refigerator, our 50″ plasma screen television, and my husband’s 7 computers that he keeps  on at all times (he’s a software engineer) were using a lot of energy.

The kill a watt can also be used to check on the energy usage of regular light bulbs versus the use of compact flourscent bulbs.

Also, remember that most modern electronics use electricity even when they are off.  The kill a watt can measure the “usage” of your devices even when they are NOT being used.  This may justify the use of a switched power strip to cut the electricity entirely.

Another possible use would be for someone interested in purchasing a solar system or generator.  You could use the kill a watt to add up all of your important devices and design or purchase a system to meet your needs.

Please note that the kill a watt will NOT measure 220 volts.  It won’t measure the water heater, the dryer, or central air conditioning.  To measure these you will need a clamp-meter.  I will consider a post on a clamp meter if you are interested.  If you are, please leave a comment!

This is linked to Frugal Friday.

One thought on “Use Kill A Watt To Measure Your Energy Costs

  1. Ann,
    I would be curious to figure out our electricity usage on some static items (on all.the.time). This is a great idea!

    Thanks for being my 250th follower! We will be celebrating. :)!

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