I Quit My Trainer

I started working out when my youngest child turned three.  I was 42 years old, in bad shape, not sleeping well, and in bad spirits because of these factors.

A guy from school is a trainer.  He loves all things athletic, especially biking.  He invitied me to come on a run.  I did.  I made it about 50 ft. before I thought I would die.  In order to impress him, I kept going.  We did 4:1, which is when you run 4 min., then walk 1 min. repeat over and over until you cover your desired mileage.  That first day we did about 2 miles.  It was the longest 2 miles of my life.  No Joke!  I was proud of myself for keeping going as best as I could.  I kept at it and eventually I was doing regular workouts.

I kept training.  A few moms joined us on our journey.  We would do a longer run on the weekend and workout on our own during the week.  Then some moms would hook up for an occasional  workout during the week.  We now have about 12 in our group.  We can usually hook up for a workout with someone who wants to work out at the same time and do the same activity.

Our trainer gives us the workouts for us to do.  We were doing them religiously in the beginning, then slowly over time we did some of his workouts, some of our own etc. based on how tired we were, what our next race was etc.  We also met with them once a week for speed workouts.  The problem is that I don’t really care about speed.  I am happy to be working out regularly.  I know I am slow and I am ok with that.  We were meeting really early in the morning once a week.  I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was afraid I would over sleep.  I was dragging all day and couldn’t wait to get to bed.  It took a couple of days to recover.  After 2 years of this, I realized that I can do the job myself.

I am working out regularly.  I am able to work out when my kids are in school.  I have no real reason to get up that early.  It was giving me more stress than I needed.  It was hard to come to this decision, but I think at some time, I have to be responsible for my own journey.  My time is now.

The ball is in my court.  I will  have to be responsible for my fitness.  I think I can do this and I will!!

Do you have a trainier?  Do you think a trainer is necessary?  I would love to hear about what you do to stay in shape!

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