Talk With Your Kids About Money

I like to think that we are pretty good with our money.  My husband has an MBA in finance and he has taught me the key principles in money management.  Some of the ideas come pretty easily to me, some are harder.  I am amazed how whenever my husband and I go over certain topics involving money my thinking goes back to when I was a kid growing up.  We grew up with completely different ways of thinking about money.  How we are raised with money affects us.

We follow Dave Ramsey’s ideas for the most part.  We bought Financial Peace and the whole CD and DVD set.  My tip is to talk to your kids about money.  We have been watching the Financial Peace University DVD’s for 30 minutes each Sunday evening.  We put it on the schedule…it’s that important.  We have had some interesting discussions with our children.  Dave Ramsey is entertaining while still getting his point across.  If there is something we want to discuss further, we can pause the DVDs and have an open discussion about the current theme.  Money is something we should talk about.  Sometimes I think it is good for our children to hear what like minded people have to say.  Sometimes I think they get tired of hearing from us about the same subjects over and over.  This has given them a fresh outlook on the same sort of principles.  The more you talk, the more opportunities your children get to listen and communicate what they are thinking.  This can help them own their beliefs and be a stronger advocate for what they believe and rebuke the lies and inconsistencies that are out there surrounding  money.

One thought on “Talk With Your Kids About Money

  1. I have his FPU cd’s too, but I hadn’t thought to watch them with the kids. I will certainly have to do that as my oldest definitely loves to spend money.

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