I’m running a Half-Marathon

I started running about 2 years ago, when my youngest child was 3 years old.  I was tired all of the time, I wasn’t sleeping well, I was fat, and out of shape.  I did sports in high school and I was a pretty good athlete back then.  Fast forward 25 years and 6 kids, I was no longer an athlete.

I knew a guy from school who is a trainer and he invited me to come and run with him.  We started running and I made it about 50 feet before I was wondering why I was doing this.  We did 4:1.  Which is running for 4 minutes and then walking for 1 minute for about 2.5 miles.  I walked large portions of this, but my effort made the trainer happy, which made me happy.

I’ve come a long way since that first run.  I have run 2 half-marathons.  I have been training pretty consistently for the past 2 years.  I am feeling great, sleeping well, and my confidence is much higher.  I don’t really love running, but I love the way I feel when I am done.

I signed up another half-marathon and paid the fee so now I am committed.  This makes me motivated to get out there for my runs.  I don’t want to waste my money.  I want to get a good time (for me).  I am not fast, but I’m out there getting fit and reducing my stress!

2 thoughts on “I’m running a Half-Marathon

  1. I am so impressed! Every summer I start running, but I don’t really enjoy it, so as soon as the weather turns cold I give it up, never having really gotten past 2-4 miles at a time. I always end up disappointed in myself. In the back of my head I would like to run a marathon some day, but again I don’t really like running, so I quit. Ugh! A bad cycle, I want so badly to like running and to be a runner. Way to go on getting fit after 6 kids. I love your blog btw, why haven’t I found it before?

    • Thanks for the comment. I just started this blog after reading them for about a year. I have been reading yours for a long while. I really don’t comment. I am realizing how important commenting is. I love your site. I think I would like my blog to be like yours. I grew up in Canton, OH, so I think of that connection too. I’m down near Cincinnati now.

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