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Get Organized–Look with Fresh Eyes

We have a larger family and an average sized home.  We have a lot of stuff, but not a lot of space.  My tip is to get the things that you use daily organized.  For example our laundry room is right off of the garage, so it has become the dumping ground for backpacks, coats, musical instruments etc.  The children use the most of these things daily or multiple times each week.  I have a wire rack in there that I put all of my kitchen overflow items and extra laundry supplies.  These are things that I don’t have space for, or appliance that I don’t want on the counter, or things I don’t use that often.

Laundry room shelf--before photo

My son had to do a family project for scouts and I thought that the laundry room could be a lot more efficient.  Of course his solution was to get rid of my things off of the shelf and put the kids stuff there.

I hated the idea at first.  Why is it always my stuff that needs to go?  Sometimes, that is how it seems!

I thought about it for a while, and he is right.  I don’t use that stuff frequently enough to justify taking up valuable shelf space in our cramped room.

Shelf-- after photo-kids backpacks are with them at school!

He cleared all of the shelves and claimed the bottom 2 shelves for kids backpacks and the middle shelf for musical instruments.  We moved some things around and getting all of the backpacks and musical instruments off of the floor has mad a big difference.

All of my items are in the basement on a shelf that we had just cleared off.  It makes sense to have these out of the way, but still easily accessible.

Look at your problem areas with fresh eyes.  My son didn’t worry about hurting my feelings, he looked at efficiency in the space and I am thankful for that!
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The Final Tally is 7 chicks

Here are the seven live chicks in their new home under the brooder light.

The final tally is still seven chicks.  I looked for any with cracks and there was 1, but the chick was already dead.  No others had anything going on with the shell, so I took them out and cracked the shells to see if they were fertilized and if anything was going on in the shell.  18 eggs to start, 7 live chicks, 3 fully formed dead chicks, one yolk that looked weird, like something was going on early in the development, but then died, and 7 unfertilized.  Our rooster is getting old, so we are hoping to get one of his offspring to replace him.  I am a little disappointed in the outcome, but at least we had 7 hatch.  I am going to be purchasing some pullets to increase our flock later this week.  I am looking for fun coloring, good layers, interesting to watch etc.  We currently have Rhode Island Reds.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

We’re up to 7 now!

Just a quick post to let you know that we are up to 7 chicks now.  In the past we kind-of average about half of what we incubate.  So nine or more would be nice.  We will give the eggs another 48 hours or so to see if any more decide to hatch.  They really aren’t due to hatch until tomorrow since I put them in the incubator 20 days ago, but ours seem to hatch at the 20 day mark, but I’m not sure why.  Any suggestions as to why?  So far they all seem healthy.  I’ll report again tomorrow night with any updates!  Goodnight.

4 chicks so far!

Just a quick note to let you know that out of 18 eggs that we hatched we have 4 chicks so far.  We have all been staring at the incubator on and off.  Every time we hear a loud peep, we check them out.  It is pretty amazing how loud they can be for being only a couple of hours old.  I put them in the incubator on a Monday, so I guess these guys couldn’t wait the extra day.  I don’t know how many we will get, but here’s hoping for a lot of hens!

I heard some peeps!

I just wanted to do a short post saying, “I heard some peeps”.

I am beyond excited.  Each time I incubate eggs I think that there isn’t going to be any that hatch.  Each time I am wrong.  I have never had a problem with hatching eggs.  I must have some issue with not being able to see inside of the eggs.

I will report back tomorrow with some more good news, I hope.


So Busy

I’ve been kind of sporadic in my posts this week.  I have had a lot going on here recently.

I have been taking my MIL to Pulmonary Rehab on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She is 82 and we don’t want her driving on the interstate.  We have been going for 6 weeks now.  Three more weeks and then she will be on to phase 3 which is partially on her own. I wanted to take her for the entire lenghth of the rehab as she is really weak, hates exercise, and will manipulate to get off easy on the exercises.

We are looking into elderly services to get her there and back for the Phase 3 part.  I think it would be $1 per trip each way.  So for $2 on Tuesday and Thursday or $4 per week, I would save gas money (I have a 12 passenger van), 6 hours of my time, and she will gain independence, and hopefully the realization that exercise has to be a part of her life from now on.  The same people who are with her doing the therapy will be overseeing her exercise.

I will keep tabs on her, but not be running around so much.  I run around quite a bit with 6 kids.  Doctors, dentists, orthodontists, etc, it is exhausting.

I am also trying to prepare for a half-marathon in the beginning of May.  I must exercise 5-6 days a week if I want to do well.  I am trying to beat my time last year which was at 2:32:00.

My daughter is in Pre-K so I am getting her M,W, and F in the middle of the school day.  She is in ballet on Thursday morning.

Add in laundry, cooking, cleaning, food shopping etc.  I am a little overwhelmed.  I hope it eases up soon!

My oldest had his last orthodontist meeting on Thursday.

Last picture with braces!

They asked if we could come in on Friday to get his braces off…he was so excited…me not so much.  Another appt. this week!  Well, at least we don’t have to go again for another month to get his permanent retainer.  Our Orthodontist is great.  He had several baskets of “stuff” that they weren’t allowed to have while in braces like gummy bears, fruit snacks, gobstoppers, gum etc. and they each got a bag to take with them.  Of course they also had toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

Our Orthodontist and my son J getting a last picture together

My daughter has a Pediatrician appointment on Monday.  Then rehab with MIL Tuesday and Thursday…next week insn’t looking any better.